7月10日(火) 26:00〜27:00 ROCK CLASSICS

<M 筺We Gotta Get You A Woman / Todd Rundgren           

<M◆筺On A Carousel / The Hollies              

<M> Time Of The Season / The Zombies           

<Mぁ筺Beast Of Burden / The Rolling Stones

<Mァ筺Hello Old Friend / Eric Clapton  

<MΑ筺Kid Charlemagne / Steely Dan  

<MА Tunnel Of Love / Dire Straits        

<M─筺Live For The Music / Bad Company

<M> Do Anything You Want To / Thin Lizzy             

<M> Dance The Night Away / Van Halen                 

<M> Dream Police / Cheap Trick            

<M> It's All I Can Do / The Cars    

<M> Towers Of London / XTC        

<M> My World Fell Down / Sagittarius        

<M> Bubbles / The Free Design

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