6月19日(火) 26:00〜27:00 ROCK CLASSICS

<M 筺Time Is On My Side / The Rolling Stones      

<M◆筺So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star / The Byrds

<M> There She Goes Again / The Velvet Underground   

<Mぁ筺Six O'Clock / The Lovin' Spoonful           

<Mァ筺Spoonful / Cream          

<MΑ筺Proud Mary / Creedence Clearwater Revival      

<MА Early 1970 / Rigo Starr               

<M─筺Doctor My Eyes / Jackson Browne            

<M> Tonight's The Night (Part 1)  / Neil Young     

<M> Mercenary Territory / Little Feat         

<M> Cocaine / J.J. Cale             

<M> Tell Me All Things You Do / Fleetwood Mac      

<M> Sneakin' Suspicion  / Dr. Feelgood         

<M> Life's Been Good / Joe Walsh             

<M> Imaginary Lover  / Atlanta Rhythm Section

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