6月27日(火) 27:00〜28:00 ROCK CLASSICS

<M 筺Rain / The Beatles    

<M◆筺Good Vibrations / The Beach Boys    

<M> My Generation / The Who

<Mぁ筺Crossroads / Cream

<Mァ筺Mr. Big / Free

<MΑ筺Immigrant Song / Led Zeppelin

<MА War Pigs/Luke's Wall / Black Sabbath

<M─筺Sweet Lorraine / Uriah Heep 

<M> Low Rider / War    

<M> Rikki Don't Lose That Number / Steely Dan   

<M> One Of These Nights / Eagles 

<M> The Chain / Fleetwood Mac   

<M> Sympathy For The Devil  / The Rolling Stones

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