10月30日(木) 27:00〜28:00 ROCK CLASSICS

<M 筺  Rock Steady / Bad Company

<M◆筺  In The City / Joe Walsh

<M>   Albert's Shuffle /  Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper

<Mぁ筺  Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love / Van Halen

<Mァ筺  The Spirit Of Radio / Rush

<MΑ筺  Are You Ready /  Grand Funk Railroad

<MА筺  Raging River Of Fear / Captain Beyond

<M─筺  Whole Lotta Love / Led Zeppelin

<M>   Hot 'n' Nasty /  Humble Pie

<M>   Fool For The City / Foghat

<M>   Should I Stay Or Should I Go / The Clash

<M>   Come Together / The Beatles

<M>   Fooled Around And Fell In Love / Elvin Bishop

<M>   Last Child /  Aerosmith

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