7月28日(月) 27:00〜28:00 ROCK CLASSICS

<M 筺  Synchronicity II /  The Police           

<M◆筺  She's So Modern / The Boomtown Rats        

<M>   The Eton Rifles / The Jam            

<Mぁ筺  Friday On My Mind /  The Easybeats     

<Mァ筺  All Through The City /  Dr. Feelgood      

<MΑ筺  Do The Strand / Roxy Music

<MА筺   Get It On /  T.Rex

<M─筺  See No Evil / Television          

<M>   Frederick /  Patti Smith Group

<M>   T.V. Eye /  The Stooges  

<M>   The Unconventional /  Japan

<M>   Suicide Blond /  INXS  

<M>   Bodhisattva / Steely Dan      

<M>   Rough Boys /  Pete Townshend     

<M>   Tom Sawyer /  Rush

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