10月30日(水) 28:00〜29:00 AROUND 2000'S

<M 筺The Game Of Love / SANTANA feat.MICHELL BRANCH      
<M◆ From The Bottom Of My Heart / STEVIE WONDER         

<M> Family Affair / MARY J.BLIGE   

<Mぁ筺.魯蹇璽哀奪疋丱ぁ/ YUKI                       

<Mァ筺Not Found / MR.CHILDREN             

<MΑ筺Where Is The Love? / BLACK EYED PEAS                     

<MА筺Live While We’re Young / ONE DIRECTION                     
<M─Why Just Be Friends / JOH                           

<M> プラットホーム / SALYU                                     
<M> Time Stop / THE GOSPELLERS                                
<M> Forever Mine / 山下達郎                                    

<M> Fade Like A Shadow / KT TUNSTALL                                 
<M> Put Your Records On / CORINNE BAILEY RAE                                                  
<M> The Perfect Life / MOBY

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