12月27日(木)5:00〜6:00 SLOW MUSIC

<M 筺Tarantino / Russian Red                                                  
<M◆筺Soulless Man / Justin Nozuka                                          
<M> Seasons Change / Corinne Bailey Rae                                           
<Mぁ筺The Drunken Sailor O’Farrell’s Welcome to Limerick Kid on the Mountain 
/ Triona Marshall                                         

<Mァ筺You Are Not Alone / Michael Jackson                                             
<MΑ筺33 / Corrinne May                                           
<MА筺。咤錚蹌紕遙茖蕋遑隋。遙錙。贈紕譯蕋紕e in / Curtis Mayfield                                            
<M─筺Too Much Heaven / Bee Gees                         

<M> Stay / Lisa Loeb                                       
<M> Prince of Peace / Galliano                                   
<M> Drume Negrita  / Omara Portuondo                        
<M> You’ve Still Got a Hold on Me / Lee Everton                    

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