8月30日(木)5:00〜6:00 AROUND 80'S

<M 筺 Luka / Suzanne Vega

<M◆筺 Suicide Blond / INXS

<M>  Karma Chameleon / Culture Club

<Mぁ筺 Whenever You Need Somebody / Rick Astley

<Mァ筺 Crazy For You / Madonna

<MΑ筺 Owner Of A Lonely Heart / Yes

<MА筺 The Final Countdown / Europe

<M─筺 Caribbean Queen / Billy Ocean

<M>  Holding Out For A Hero / Bonnie Tyler

<M>  Right Between The Eyes / Wax

<M>  Clouds Across The Moon / The RAH Band

<M>  What I Am / Edie Brickell

<M>  You Got It All / The Jets

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