7月26日(木)5:00〜6:00 AROUND 80'S

<M 筺 Wait For Me / Hall & Oates

<M◆筺 Hold On / Santana

<M>  Loco In Acapulco / The Four Tops

<Mぁ筺 Stay With Me / Eighth Wonder

<Mァ筺 Oblivious / Aztec Camera

<MΑ筺 The Flame / Cheap Trick

<MА筺 Seaside Weekend / Isabelle Antena

<M─筺 The One That You Love / Air Supply

<M>  All Right / Christopher Cross

<M>  Boys (Summer Love) / Sabrina

<M>  Casablanca / Bertie Higgins

<M>  See The Day / Dee C. Lee

<M>  Back On The Chain Gang / The Pretenders

STAFF| 06:00 | カテゴリー:80s