10月26日(火)28:00〜29:00 AROUND 80'S

<M 筺Modern Love / David Bowie
<M◆筺Never / Heart

<M> Love Changes(Everything) / Climie Fisher
<Mぁ筺All The Love In The World / Dionne Warwick
<Mァ筺Shake You Down / Gregory Abbott
<MΑ筺Holiday / Madonna
<MА筺Delirious / Prince
<M─筺Soul Provider / Michael Bolton
<M> Waiting For A Star To Fall / Boy Meets Girl
<M> Under Pressure / Queen
<M> Could’ve Been / Tiffany
<M> You Should Hear How She Talks About You / Melissa Manchester
<M> I’m Free(Heaven Helps The Man) / Kenny Loggins

<M> Midnight Lady / Marvin Gaye

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